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The chemicalsportal.co.za is building a south african directory of chemical manufacturers and chemical distributors, packaging products for chemicals such as steel tins, plastic drums, jerry cans, plastic containers, plastic buckets; chemical equipment manufacturers, protective clothing and safety products including disposable wear. Services within the industry - such as exhibitions, education and training, business finance providers, technical information about chemicals and links to resource information and services provided to the chemical industry. News from the chemical industry. This is an industry specific website - focused solely on promoting businesses within the chemical industry in South Africa.
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"Our well-being in society depends for a large part on chemicals. Chemicals are everywhere, and are an essential component of our daily lives. At the same time, some chemicals can severely damage our health.  Others could be dangerous if not properly used. There is a worrying increase in health problems that can be partially explained by the use of chemicals. Some man-made chemicals are found in the most remote places in the environment, but also in animals and humans.  In the mid-nineties, the increased insight in the possible negative effect of chemicals led to the awareness, that the EU legislation then in force did not and could not provide sufficient information about chemicals to judge scientifically. The EU was on an unsustainable course in the chemicals sector. "



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Bio Based Plastics and Composites Conference

Carbon Dioxide Conference in Germany

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9 tons Surlyn thermoplastic material for sale

9 tons of Surlyn. 8940 e resin thermo plastic material for sale

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Two running businesses for sale: Recycling Plant and Bag Manufacturing Plant

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Material Wanted Regrind (Caps)
URGENT - Nylon 66 and Nylon Filled

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Bio Based Plastics and Composites Conference

Carbon Dioxide Conference in Germany